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Licensed construction and installation works
Special earthworks, anchoring of the soil and construction of buildings by "wall in the ground" method, construction of downhole wells and cessons.
Instalation of structures
Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, metal structures and wooden structures. Our company has sufficient expertise in these areas, and it achieves and guarantees a solid, durable, durable product using high-quality materials. Our company has well-trained personnel in these areas.
Facade works
AP Group Construstion LLC performs all types of facade work, alkopan, high-quality plastering, all types of facade decoration and guarantees the quality of work.
Engineer communication
Engineer communication networks installation.

Hydraulic works
AP Group Construction LLC performs underwater construction, hydraulic engineering works, construction of dams, construction of pier, shoreline, and dam construction.Сonstruction of piers, shoreline strengthening / Construction and installation of special equipment. Reserves and gas holders (gas storage facilities).
Storage tanks
AP Group Construction LLC performs high-quality and timely construction of aboveground and underground gas storage tanks, reservoirs and tanks.
Industrial and civil facilities
Construction of industrial and civil facilities, including: construction of all types of industrial and civil facilities, with a length of up to 24m and more, height of 65m and more, capacity up to 5,000 people and more.
High-preassure compressor station facilities
According to the order of Salyan Oil Limited, the construction of high-pressure injection wells at the Kursangi oilfield has been completed and is currently being completed by 2018. The facility includes Compressor Station, Pipes for Different Air Drainage, Drainage Capacity, 1 Oil and Gas Separator with D = 2000mm, 2 Pumps 100m3, 1 Oil Pump 2 Pump, 6 / 0.4kV substations, cable racks, towers, projector supports. The construction site has been fenced and the area has been renovated.
License and insurance
The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan has granted AP Group Construction LLC the license for the construction and installation of buildings and installations required for the construction of registration number EL-131/2019 on 20.02.2019.
All construction and installation work undertaken by our company is insured by MEGA-INSURANCE, which is currently distinguished in the domestic market. Damages and damages caused by unforeseen and unforeseen causes during the construction and construction of the property shall be guaranteed, subject to the exceptions set out in the insurance certificate and these rules. In the event of accidental third-party deaths, bodily injury and property damage to third parties as a result of accidental construction and installation activities, payments are made under the terms of these rules.
AP Group Constraction LLC geological and geophysical studies of oil and gas fields, exploration, development of structures, implementation of various design activities related to petrochemical and oil refining, oil and gas economy and management, oil and gas Scientific development of the nearest extraction concept, environmental protection, protection of ecological balance, development, storage and transportation of hydrocarbon products, as well as the development of relevant regulatory documents and their registration in state bodies.
Our enterprise develops and operates oil and gas fields, drilling and operation of wells, designing of petrochemical and petrochemical facilities, buildings and structures, control over construction safety, and other regulatory and technical documentation on construction. is capable of doing great work in designing and designing.
We also focus on regional planning projects, master plans, detailed planning projects, residential construction projects, engineering and transport infrastructure projects, environmental protection, environmental, geodetic and geological surveys and operations, feasibility studies, and management. implementation of copyright control.
Close cooperation with our partners is very important to us. Our company focuses on specialization in the oil and gas, industrial and civil construction and design sectors, as well as closely cooperates with a number of enterprises in this area. As mentioned above, the implementation of many large-scale projects has been entrusted to our company to ensure that the work done by our company is managed with high quality and on time.
Our Success Principles govern our approach to sensitive issues such as safety, health and the environment. Our enterprise is committed to our commitment to our customers, employees, and the society as a whole, to perfect all aspects of our business to the highest level of professionalism, to seek sustainable development through all aspects of our business, to take our business and our commitment within our commitment. is leading.
With a diversified and dynamic management skills in a variety of areas, we are service professionals. Along with traditional contracts, we operate in partnership with other organizations. The strategy we have is always open to change and new ideas, as well as a common approach to collaboration in all areas of activity. AP Group Construction LLC has become one of the leading and exemplary companies by focusing our activities on the benefit of the country, staff and society. We have developed our basic safety principles for all employees, including subcontractors' staff and visitors to the area.
Automatic fire systems
AP Group Construction LLC implements the sale of fire fighting equipment, installation of fire and security alarm, water, gas, foam firefighting systems, fire protection systems and tools. Our company provides the following services in this area.
Audit, monitoring, consulting: Inspection by specialists to comply with any fire or explosion safety regulations, and developing a written list of necessary technical and organizational measures to address any deficiencies.
Design and Installation: Our company designs all systems and installs local, centralized automatic fire extinguishers, sprinklers and drain types based on the principle of operation of each facility, taking into account the features and direction of each facility. We are ready to conclude contracts for any system after-warranty service, including work done by another organization.
Flame protection of buildings and structures: During fire protection works, specialists keep a list of materials in the potential combustion areas. At the same time, both fuels and non-combustible materials are listed. For all of these materials, there is a special absorbing ingredient that enhances their flexibility. In addition, the fire protection of the structures also involves the covering of non-combustible materials with a special substance. This coating also increases the durability of the deformation and enhances the overall fire resistance of the structure, which our company is also engaged in.
Security fire alarm: The proposed service complex - pre-inspection of the facility, cost estimates, design, development and approval of the alarm project, provision of spare parts and materials, construction, installation and commissioning of the facilities, fire protection structures, remote control with operational response, unlimited time warranty, service and regulatory services, etc. includes.
Installation of hydrants: Specialists of AP Group Construction LLC are engaged in the design, installation, maintenance, and testing of water pipes.
Supply and control systems for extinguishers: - Our facility provides fire, fuel, foam and water supply services, including portable, mobile and stationary. A number of measures should be taken to keep the fire extinguishers in good condition, which will allow regular inspections of the extinguishers, refilling them, obtaining technical certificates, repairing the details and spraying of the cylinders, and enhancing the quality of the balloons.
Our Project Management Engineer, Project Manager, Construction Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Risk Manager, Information Technology Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Quality Management Engineer, Technical control engineer, economists, personnel engineer, about 50 highly qualified engineering staff and about 150 staff including installation, welder, locksmith, plasterer, plasterer, painter, concrete, mold, and driver. All employees, along with their respective certificates and diplomas, are regularly involved in appropriate courses and trainings to improve their professional level, which is one of the priority tasks faced by AP Group Construction.
Including on the enterprise balance sheet 6.3 tons, Trucks, Land-asphalt sheets (Mixer), Mixer, Concrete Machine, Loaders, Excavator, Grader, Bulldozer, Shagman, Kamaz, Tatra, Automobile, Self-propelled, Kamatsu, Water There are about 30 machines, including buses, welding machines, vehicles for the Engineer staff, which allows for better and more timely work.
We, as AP Group Construction LLC,
guarantee that everything we do is high quality, consistent with the Project documentation and construction schedule.

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